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In due time, our floors will lose its luster. To keep the floors looking at their best and maintain their value, these must stripped, waxed and buffed regularly. However, these should be done properly so you will get the most benefit out of your efforts. If stripping, waxing and buffing floors are not your thing, you might as well hire a cleaning service in your area.


Anywhere you are in New York City, Casia Cleaning Services will do the stripping, waxing and buffing for your floors professionally. When we say professionally, this means using the right products in completing the task and thus maintain the floors the longest. We can also cater to different kinds of floors including bathroom floors. We give our clients the option of choosing the most appropriate floor maintenance program for their property or establishment. We ensure that each job is completed adequately. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.


Casia Cleaning Services is a floor care expert. We understand that each floor type has its own cleaning needs and requirements. In achieving optimal results, our floor cleaners are using a diverse portfolio of cleaning supplies and materials. Well-polished floors eventually lose their shine, and sweeping and mopping alone cannot ensure that its glossy appearance will remain intact. In fact, using brooms and mops improperly can diminish its luster.


Further, our cleaning staff will not commence stripping, waxing and buffing floors without a thorough analysis of the floor type and condition. After this, the staff will devise a cleaning and maintenance program for your floors with the goal of maintaining its glossy appearance. We are using high-speed polishing machines in producing the glossiest overall look of the floors as possible. We donع‚آ€آ™t advise our clients to have their floors stripped, waxed and buffed when they have already turned yellow and dirty. Casia Cleaning Services advocates having them stripped and re-waxed on a regular basis. When the floors required extensive preparation works, the service charge tends to be too high compared to when only minimal works are necessary.


What sets Casia Cleaning Services apart from its competitors is we offer flexible cleaning schedules. Our cleaning staff will come to your place anywhere it would be in New York City. We transport our staff in-house. We offer project-base stripping, waxing and buffing aside from regular (daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly) cleaning. Depending on your needs, we may cater to your request to solve your floor-related problems in the morning or night or anytime during the day. Floorings are a major investment, and their lifespan is expected to run for several years. However, you cannot expect this to happen when floors are not properly cleaned and maintained. This is where we can be of big help. Our superior cleaning materials, methods and equipments will not only satisfy your needs, but will also exceed whatever high standards you may have when it comes to floor appearance and cleanliness.


Casia Cleaning Services offers affordable rates for our floor stripping, waxing and buffing services. In fact, our name is synonymous to outstanding cleaning services at very reasonable prices. Please call us now to know more about floor cleaning and maintenance programs and which one is the most appropriate for your floors.



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Casia Cleaning Services is a premier Commercial Cleaning Company where our priority is making sure you are 100% satisfied. Our team members are highly trained and passionate about making sure everything is Spotless! What is better than professional cleaning for your home or office?


Allow us to take care of your commercial office cleaning and New York janitorial service needs so you can focus on the greater things life has to offer. We take a consultative approach with every single one of our clients to make sure we set the right expectations and we deliver on our promise.


Every client is different, which is why we set-up our clients with a plan that fits their needs at an affordable price. We don not just clean, we sanitize. Our constant innovation is what makes us the Premiere Office Cleaning Service in New York. We use brand new dusting cloths every single time to avoid bringing dust mites or allergens into your home or office. We use special vacuums. This combination allows us to work smarter and faster.


We always look for ways to improve efficiency without ever sacrificing quality. Who would have thought you can apply science and process flows to a janitorial service. Our Cleaning Service Guarantee: We believe there is always room for improvement and if you are not completely satisfied we will happily return and clean whatever is in question free of charge. Give us a call!




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"Here is a final benefit to keep in mind about working with Casia Cleaning Services: We are fully licensed and insured. If you have expensive marble or wood floors that you don not want damaged, or expensive equipment you are worried may disappear, you will be covered for loss and damage under our policy."

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